The howling spaces
of the moon are bright,
the rock-rimmed
craters of Lune.

The wide-eyed creatures
of night step out
and dance
on dust-puffed feet.

And all night through
the night lights burn
in a thousand star-lit rooms
where children sleep
and laugh in dreams
and bare their teeth to the moon.

Their toys lie piled
in the curtain folds
below the bright cold glass
of windows wide
that lead outside
and gather in the moon.






Wake up.
Morning comes
rolling in white hills
to face the slitted light;
patterns swimming across glass.
The day opening,
sucking an outward spiral
of unknown;
the body and hand unknown.
Myself awake before me
and wondering.




Walking on midnight tarmac,
the door is suddenly open
and I see the midday path:
Sun on seagulls
and sliding waves
and know that I was there
and always am.

Under the light
and summer sun.

Crow Road

Following the hours
of all the days
that lead to the end
of me:
So said the old man
in a pointed hat
as he tapped at the road
with his stick.

I'm stirring the dust,
he sang with a smile,
as my footsteps
follow me.

Come over the hill
for a few miles more
and I'll show you
the end of me.

When you look on my bones
and my pointed hat
please smile when you think of me
and remember my stick
that tapped on the road
and always followed me.


Old Woman

Under an archway on cold stone,
her memory a bundle of rags
that rustle between
pavement and wall,
she sits under the gentle showering
of wind flaked paint.

Through cloudy tears
and wrinkled skin
the beauty of her years
is the only frame she has.
Only one still feels the wind
and all the things she is;
her time peeling from the rythm.





Air Terminal

In hospital quiet the building starts
to move.  In spiral and bridge and
fairy voice, the morning bells:
Owes its' movement to a mounting step
of unknown travelling men.

They gather on wheels, hurling forward
motionless; a mornings' calculation.

Veiled from cabled pits I sit
with ashtrays, phallic in a row,
and hear a hidden nursing voice
as distance hums its' soothing song.