Museum Work


The Natural History Museum - London


Giant Squid Giant Squid

34' Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux) restoration (Assisted by John Holmes)


Cell x 250,000 Model

Generalised Cell Model x250,000 - Hall of Human Biology


Albertosaurus Leg Iguanodon Leg

Albertosaurus & Iguanodon leg muscle restorations - Ronson Gallery

(Assisted by Steve Onions & Ian Whittacker)

Exhibit for the Wellcome Trust exhibition - London


Prosthetic Man 01 Prosthetic Man 02

Science for Life

Prosthetic Man 04 Prosthetic Man 03

Prosthetic Man (Assisted by Steve Onions & Ian Whittacker)


National Museum of Natural Science - Taichung, Taiwan.

(In collaboration with Derek Frampton)




Compsognathus Close-up

Compsognathus restoration - Life size


Jellyfish 01 Jellyfish 02

Jellyfish B&W

Jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) - Scaled up to 10'


Deinonychus & Hypsilophodon B& W

Deinonychus attacking Hypsilophodon - Life size restorations
(Sculpt of Hypsilophodon by Derek Frampton)

Deinonychus sculpt B&W Deinonychus sculpt B& W

Deinonychus sculpt in progress at Life Form studio


Deino. & Hypsi. Location Deino & Hypsi. Location

Deino. Head Close-up Deino. Location

Location pictures - Before shipping to Taiwan

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