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Life Form Links
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Celebrating the curves of real women



  Animatronics, Film & Make-Up effects

   Visit the DinoCafe in Ireland                                                                                                                                      


   Go to Crawley Creatures           Go to the World of Froud







  Crawley Creatures - Some of the best of Animatronics, including 'Walking with Dinosaurs' - Logo above.
  World of Froud - If you're interested in the World of Faery go to Brian & Wendy Frouds' page.
  I first met Brian at Maidstone Art College and it was through him that I worked on
'The Dark Crystal'
  He developed the whole look of the film for
Jim Henson in 1979/1980, and went on to design 'Labyrinth'.
Brian & Wendy are busy with several new projects - Check out the wonderful labyrinth of their new site!
Menagerie Productions - Tony McVey's original Fantasy and Paleo Sculpture.  Don't miss this one.
  Jeremy Hunt & Graham High - Top class sculptors and designers who also started their careers at the
  Natural History Museum.


  Personal, Writing & Artwork

  Copinger, Coppinger, Copenger, Coppenger - Paul & Elizabeth Copingers' site; researching the name/s.
innerZed - A feast of Artists & Images on Vicky Horiatis' site.

  Go to inner Zed       Go to Copinger / Coppinger site & research the names   

  Spud Studios - You can now find some great images of Bigger Betty on Spud Studios page featuring 'August'.
  The best graphic
ArtWork by artist James Murphy.  BB Comic by Murphy, Steve Colgan and Frank Quitely.
Steve Colgan - Steve is writing and illustrating a new book on Cornish Folktales.  See his amazing ArtWork too.

  Go to James Murphy's Spud Studios       See Bigger Betty, she's on the left - - -           Go to Steve Colgans' ArtWork site

  Szymczuk - Excellent ArtWork (and Huskies !) on Jan (Boris) Szymczuks' site.

  Go to Jan (Boris) Szymczuk's Artwork site

  George Underwood - George is a world class illustrator and painter; visit his site from the link below.


  Internet / Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus / Email-Backup / Memory Software

  MailWasher - Great anti-spam program from New Zealand.  Bounce & Delete spam emails.

  Get MailWasher free, and bounce / delete spam emails

  Eset Smart Security - Easy to use Anti-Virus.  Also very powerful protection.


  Gibson Research Corporation - Excellent free software and SpinRite 6.


  Outlook Express Backup Wizard - Easy way to preserve emails & addresses  -     

  Go to Outlook Express Backup Wizard

 Science, Technology, Search & Future


  Seti@home - Download the screensaver & process data from Arecibo Radio Telescope.

  Go to SETI@Home site

  NanoTechnology - Go to the Foresight Institute site for links and current status.

  Go to Foresight Institute - NanoTechnology

  Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering - Forrest Bishops' site - Excellent articles on NanoTechnology.

  Got to Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

  Fourmilab - Great popular science site.  Look for 'Home Planet' by John Walker - Free Download.

  TimeTravel  - "Time is nature's way to keep everything from happening all at once"

Things to care about & help heal the World

Go to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute    Go to the Landmine Site    Go to Mineseeker Foundation website

Go to The Hungersite

Go to the rainforest site

Last but not Least - Two great sites

Go to Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art

Go to Quantum Muse

Go to Realm Graphicswaveline.gif (2786 bytes)

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