The Knights of St. Albans


Axel Loh's epic film is being made at Frame Store's studio near Frankfurt and on location in Germany and Spain.

The Frame Store artwork (right) shows the make-up sequence and the set for my part as Armand de Lion.  Working in the studio, with Axel (below, right) as Director, was my first experience of playing a human, speaking role.



It was a pleasure to work on such a professional production.  The artwork shows the visual quality of the film and the dedication of Axel and the whole crew to excellence.

Nicole Klein and Betina Dos Santos applied wig, hair and old age make-up.


The Film







These two Frame Store artwork posters show the result of my ageing make-up for the character of Armand de Lion.

Nicole also applied gruesomely realistic wound effects for the end of the sequence.