Landscape Model

This was made in sections, each one representing 16 square miles, that could be lifted out to get a view across the landscape.
The original plan was to scale this model up,  so that Oxford Scientific Films could 'fly' their specialised cameras around the
world that the Gelflings were travelling through, but for technical reasons this idea  was abandoned.  The model was used for
checking shots, deciding where all the main features of that world were in relation to each other and planning Jens' journey.

Art Director: Malcolm Stone       Group Head: John Coppinger       Artists: Richard Padbury,   Katherine Kubrick 


   Skeksis Castle in foreground.                                                                                       Aughras' mountain.              

     Barren land around the Castle.                                                                               The Swamp in foreground.         

The Mystics' valley.                                                                                            The whole landscape.