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Virtute et Fidelitate

DOB 13/07/1947


Sevenoaks School, Kent (State Scholarship) 1959 -1966

John @ Sevenoaks School
Photo - John Meakin

Maidstone College of Art, Kent 1966 - 1967

St. Martins School of Art, London 1967 - 1970


Work for Employers

Fenton School, Nr. Brixham, Devon 1970 - 1971 (Teaching Art, English, Biology & History)

The Natural History Museum, London 1972 - 1980 (Scientific Model Maker - Higher Scientific Officer)

John @ Natural History Museum
Photo - Natural History Museum

Freelance Work    -  (1972 - 1980)

BBC TV - Masks for Homo Erectus Make-up (Series - 'The Making of Mankind')

Tropical Stored Products Institute - X30 Insect Models (For Training Program in Indonesia)

Tropical Stored Products Institute
Photo - Tropical Stored Products Inst.

Left Natural History Museum 1980

Freelance Work    -   John Coppinger (Life Form) Ltd

1980 - 1981

'The Dark Crystal' - EMI Studios  (Animatronic Group Head - Environment Puppets)


1981 - 1982

Star Wars - 'The Return of the Jedi' - EMI Studios   (Animatronic Engineer - For Stuart Freeborn)
(Sculptor of Jabba the Hutt & radio operator on set)


1982 - 1983

'Greystoke' - EMI Studios  (Head of Sculpture Workshop - For Rick Baker)

'Return to Oz' - EMI Studios (Senior Animatronics Model Designer)


1983 - 1985

'Santa Claus' - Pinewood Studios  (Supervising Animatronic Model Designer)

'Umbrij' - Oxford Scientific Films  (1/4 & Full size sculpts of Gotharn) (Pilot project)



Sabbatical year (Sculpting & Script Writing)


1987 - 1988

National Museum of Natural Science  Taichung, Republic of China    (Dinosaur restoration
sculpts & 10' Jellyfish model)



Natural History Museum - London  (Models & Dioramas for 'Creepy Crawly' Gallery)

Dept. of Trade and Industry (1/4 scale Maquette of D.T.I. Man)



Museum of Science and Technology - Ohio  (Sculpt of 21' Allosaurus restoration - For Cycad)

'Lost World' - Pinewood Studios (Dinosaur & Creature sculpts - For Crawley Creatures)

Natural History Museum - London  (Green Man sculpt - For Centaur Studios / Graham High)



'Selling Hitler' - BBC TV (Costume Props for Centaur Studios / Graham High)

Natural History Museum - London  (Anatomical restorations of Dinosaur legs - For Ronson Gallery)

John @ Life Form workshop
Photo - Natural History Museum

The Wellcome Institute - London (Wire Frame mannequin with Prostheses & Cell Wall Model - For 'Science for Life' Gallery)



'Little Buddha' - Pinewood Studios  (Baby elephant costume for Richard Conway) (Performer - Ailsa Berk)



Natural History Museum - London  (Moulded & Cast Diplodocus tail, vertebrae, for Main Hall)

Natural History Museum - London (Moulded & Cast 12 Gibbon Skeletons , for Primate Gallery)



Portraits of Irish Poets, Faeries & Mythical Creatures   (Sculpts - For Arran Studios pilot project)


1995 - 1996

'Pinocchio' - Jim Hensons Creature Shop (Sculpt & fabrication of Pinocchio's tree)
(Also Pinocchio Maquette - For Limelight)

'Snow White in the Black Forest' - Pinewood Studios (Sculpts for Nick Dudman / Pigs Might Fly)

'The Fifth Element' - Pinewood Studios (Sculpts of Creatures & Costumes - For Nick Dudman)
(Sculptor of The Diva)

'Odyssey' - Jim Hensons Creature Shop (Sculpts of 2 Sea Creatures & CGI scan models)

Project in Dyfed - Wales  Jim Hensons Creature Shop (Sculpts of Anomalocaris & Megalodon)



'Lost in Space' - Costume Effects Dept.  (Sculpts of Cryo Suits - For Vin Burnham)

Star Wars - Episode 1 'The Phantom Menace' (Sculptor on Creature Effects Team - For Nick Dudman)
(Also Played Wookiee Senator Yarua, Graxol Kelvyyn and one scene as Ki-Adi-Mundi)


Thrust SSC - Supersonic Land Speed Record Car  
(Farnborough, UK and Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA - For Richard Noble)
(Sponsored by assisting Mike Horne - Bodywork Specialist)

Go to Thrust SSC.Com



'Walking with Dinosaurs' - Bray Studios  (Horizon BBC TV - Sculpts for Jez Harris - Crawley Creatures)

'The Mummy' - Shepperton Studios (Sculpts, fabrication & costume assistant - For Nick Dudman)
(Also played background mummy)



'The Flintstones' (2) - Jim Hensons Creature Shop   (Sculpt of octopus)

'The Visitors' - Artem (Sculpts of prosthetic & animatronic heads & human figures)

'Peter Pan' - Jim Hensons Creature Shop (Sculpts of background creatures)

'L'homme qui marche' - Crawling baby sculpt for Patrick Mimran @ Hensons Creature Shop


Year 2000 - 2001

'The Mummy Returns' -  Shepperton Studios (Sculpts & fabrication for Nick Dudman)

'Harry Potter' -  Leavesden Studios (Sculpts & fabrication for Nick Dudman)


2001 - 2002

'Harry Potter 2' -  Leavesden Studios (Sculpts & fabrication for Nick Dudman)



'Harry Potter 3' -  Leavesden Studios (VFX sculpt for Nick Dudman)

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Planet, geological & human figure models



'The Deep' - Whale skeleton for sealife tank


With Nicole Klein

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Landscape model of Antarctica & anatomical models



Royal Institution - Model of animal cell interior

British Antarctic Survey - Accurate 'puppet' of albatross chick on data gathering 'nest'

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Mouth, tongue, taste bud & intestine models



Convention tour in Tokyo - 'Joke Shop', 'Bandit' and Tokyo Toy Fair

'1408' - Elstree Studios (Ash Girl figure for Karl Derrick / ArkaneFX)

Dinocafe, Castletownroche, Ireland -  Assisting with Medieval Banqueting Hall project

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Enigma Machine and Number Cruncher



Deafness Research - Models of human ear and cortex

Celebration IV in Los Angeles - 30th Anniversary of Star Wars

Celebration Europe in London - 30th Anniversary of Star Wars

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Lung demo. and mitochondrian models



Sabbatical year (Sculpting & Writing)



The Portrait Guild - Demonstration Sculpts

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Cut-away cow and  working plant cell models



Deafness Research - Models of middle ear and cochlea


2012 - Technically Retired

Writing articles, science-fiction stories, part-finished sequels & novels,
plus continuing with occasional appearances at conventions and talks



Jedicon Convention - 22nd April 2001                      Cruel Coppinger - born 1723
Photo - Michael Tang Nielsen

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