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Nicole does beautiful  work - The photos below are her 'Night' series:

The results of a day of training in Photo Make-Up.







Arktos and Kratermann - from "Tabaluga und Lilli"





"Tabaluga und Lilli"

A Fantasy Musical with characters
designed by Markus Metzler

Ian Jory played Arktos and
S.C. Kuschnerus Kratermann

Applying these designs was
Nicoles' first theatre job.




Warner Brothers' Movie World

These Make-ups were done for Halloween 2002 - At Warner Brothers' Movie World
At Bottrop, near Essen, in Germany

Nicole, with two other make-up artists, did forty of these designs in an hour.
These four are her favourites,  from the ones she did herself.
They were designed as they were applied.








'Scrooge' for " Vom Geist der Weihnacht "


Jeroen Phaff played Scrooge in "Vom Geist der Weihnacht"
A musical version of "A Christmas Carol" which showed at 
Oberhausen Theatro Centro over Christmas time in 2003.

Nicole designed this make-up for his character,
and applied it herself throughout the production.






               Make-up effects and tests 




Ageing and wound make-up for Axel Lohs' film 'The Knights of St. Albans'


Old age make-up

Old Age Make-up test



All photos Nicole Klein

Portrait by J. Meakin