I sculpted Jabba for Stuart Freeborn from a maquette by Phil Tippett. Also in the picture are Jez Harris (R)
and Richard Padbury(L) both from the Jabba Crew.  Jez now runs Crawley Creatures - See my Links page.

Inside Jabba are David Barclay (right arm, jaw and voice),
 Toby Philpott (left arm, head and tongue)
 and MikeEdmonds (tail and body)

Jabba Crew not seen - Bob Bromley, Mike Osborn, Bob Keen.  We all operated on the set; working inside,
under and in front of him, with two radios.  Jabba is still probably the best project I have ever had on a film.


Jabba being artworked & finished on set
Jabba being artworked & finished on set - The performers were also rehearsing here.


Jabba colour drawing
Colour sketch approved by George Lucas & Norman Reynolds.

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