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21st Century Appearances


Some memories of the great shows we've been part of - - -



8th April 2017

Utrecht 2017



8th & 9th July 2017

Gent Comiccon



5th & 6th August 2017

Dortmund 2017




10th September 2017

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Previous Conventions


Paris September 2004


Tokyo February 2006

Me, Nicole and friend @ 'Bandit' toyshop


Los Angeles May 2007 - Celebration IV

With Javier Soto of Gentle Giant Studios
and their excellent full-size Jabba.


London July 2007 - Celebration Europe

JC, Mike Edmonds, Dave Barclay & Toby Philpott.
First reunion since performing Jabba on set.


Florida August 2010 - Celebration V

JC, Nicole & Zach  (Zachery Taylor McGinnis)


Madrid October 2011 - With Ficromic @ Cificom

One of the best Chewbacca costumes I've seen.
And he's my favourite Star Wars character !


Taarstrup, Denmark, October 2011 - Dansk Star Wars Loge

Another great show by Michael Nielsen and Per Valgreen
Sorry to say, Alan is no longer with us



Taarstrup, Denmark, November 2012 - Dansk Star Wars Loge

 The guests posing with Michael Nielsen and Per Valgreen
Sadly, the last time we all met with Richard LeParmentier




Onwards in 2014


Sticcon @ Bellaria 2014
Bellaria, Italy, May 2014 - STICCON

It was a really fun and friendly show
But am I believing this story - - - !!


Wookiees @ Rhode Island CC 2014
Providence RI, November 2014 - Rhode Island Comic Con

Thanks to Zach & The Crew for a great show
How many Wookiees does it take to - - - - - ?


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